Government Announced Summer Vacation for Schools in J&K

The Government has officially declared summer vacations for all Government and recognized Private Schools in the summer zone of Jammu division. The vacation period will commence from May 27, 2024, and will last until July 22, 2024. This announcement provides a much-needed break for students and staff as the summer heat intensifies.

Despite the break, all teachers are required to be available for online guidance during the vacation period, ensuring that students can continue to receive academic support even while on holiday. Heads of Schools and Teaching staff must adhere to this schedule, and any deviation or non-compliance will result in disciplinary action as per the rules.

This summer vacation provides an excellent opportunity for students to relax and recharge after a busy academic year. However, the availability of teachers for online guidance ensures that learning can continue seamlessly for those who need extra support or wish to stay ahead.

We hope all students and staff have a safe and enjoyable summer break!

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